4 Dressing Styles To Make A Good Impression At Work

The first impression is the last impression!

We have all heard this common saying and have followed it thoroughly in our interviews. Also, You must have heard that you should dress for the job you wish for. But dressing for acknowledgement doesn't end with the job interview. What you choose to wear in your regular working day can influence how your co-workers and managers treat you, how your team perceives you, and how your supervisor might view you when it comes to time for promotions. The clothes you choose to wear to work are a means to convey your professionalism and indicate that you fit in your work environment. Hence, when it comes to formally dressing up for our work, there are a few tips that will go a long way in terms of leaving a positive, long-lasting impression on your colleagues as well as superiors.


  • Button downs for a win

Formal button-down shirts and blouses can have a lasting impact in making you look presentable and confident. It demonstrates a dignified look of clothing with the dress code in the business formal setting of the work environment. Many work settings have a defined dress code which exhibits button-downs due to their versatility and ease of wear.


  • Solid colours

While multiple-coloured clothing can be fashionable and trendy, sticking to the classic bold colours for the outfit is a smart choice for office culture. These solid colours help make a bold statement through the way we dress up. Floral prints and too many patterns can be a distraction for employees that are working with you. Also, these solids can be styled in many different ways, making them a smart shopping decision. Minimal shopping and buying consciously can help you make a capsule wardrobe.


  • Fitted clothing

Loose and casual clothing can be termed as a sign of the lethargic nature of the employee whereas well-fitted clothing is an epitome of confidence and character. These fitted clothing make you look professional and presentable at all times. Also, the desired look of the active and enthusiastic employee can be achieved by incorporating fitted clothing into your wardrobe.

  • Minimal accessorization

The worst thing you can add to your formal clothing is a statement accessory. These bold choices of accessories can draw a lot of attention and can be a deflection while in a meeting or any other such setting. It is advisable to stick to basic minimal accessories to enhance your formal outfit. These can be solid handbags, minimal jewellery, or simple belts. These elements will add to your outfit without making any absurd statement that can cause deflection in the personality that you want to showcase across to your seniors and colleagues.

It is suggested that if you have any confusion regarding the work culture and suitable clothing, you should contact your supervisor or the HR of the company to sort it out. This would not only help you dress adequately but would create an image in senior management that you are serious about the roles and responsibilities as well as you respect the work culture of the company.

So the next time you are curating your work wardrobe, keep in mind these tips and be smart while shopping.

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