5 Corporate etiquettes that you must always follow

Usually, a regular professional environment is chaos-free. Mostly because people spend limited time with clear agendas and priorities. The day for everyone usually rolls out smoothly as everyday tasks are decided according to the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual growth plans & it all pretty much works like a well-oiled machine.

But being social animals, we tend to socialize and put an effort to make the workplace feel like a second home to us all. Although most of us do know where to draw the line, we have compiled 5 common corporate etiquettes, especially for those who have just started their corporate careers. 


  1. Introducing the peers


It's necessary to introduce your peer to the prospect or any other colleague if you are the common factor between the two. It makes people valued and appreciated among their colleagues, and they will think highly of you even if it is quite normal to do so in a corporate space.


  1. Handshakes


Shaking hands with the people you are in business with goes a long way in reassuring yourself and them that you both are working in harmony. This amounts to a genuine attempt you showing that you are polite, confident and approachable. If the handshake is with a potential client or customer, it goes a long way in setting the tone of the future professional relationship.

  1. Please & Thank You


Always be kind and polite enough to say ‘please’ when you ask for something from someone. Also, be humble enough to say ‘thank you' wherever it is required. It shows you revert positively and are very easy to communicate and deal with. Also, the impression your colleagues carry about you will build your credibility among the organization, which goes a long way in strengthening your reputation along with putting a good name forward for bigger roles and responsibilities.


5. Don’t gossip or eavesdrop


Gossiping & eavesdropping are the characteristics of people who are highly insecure and extremely under-confident; & who would hire or keep someone on if they exhibit such traits. It is wildly unprofessional to try to hear conversations of which you are not a part or talk about people behind their backs. Stay away from such activities.


5.  Politics & Religion


These two topics are the most controversial ones to engage in a conversation with & can stir up diabolical emotions if even by mistake you offend the other person with your opinion. Make sure you leave these two out the door when you enter the place of business.


There are many other corporate etiquettes. The obvious ones like arriving on time, being neatly dressed and presentable, respecting your seniors etc. But these are the ones that will help you have a better perspective of what a business environment is like & how you should behave in such a space. 





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