5 Things to Remember While Going for Interviews

You have come a long way when you have submitted your resume and job application and got
selected for an in-person interview. While you have successfully climbed the first step of the
ladder the most important one is yet to be conquered. It's the something that we dread the most yet it is a crucial step between you and your dream job.

We want to provide you with some cheat codes to conquest your interview. This will not only
help you land your dream job but would help you in overcoming pre-interview jitters.

Dress to Impress

You must have heard of the famous saying “First impression is the last impression.” Well in this
scenario, we are completely on board with the saying. Different work environments have varied
dressing cultures, learning about it in advance and dressing accordingly would make an
impression of you being responsible and serious towards the job.

While many workplaces don’t desire any professional dress code nowadays, it’s always better to
dress up and leave your casuals at home for your interview.

Be Punctual

Okay, this is a must! Never ever arrive late at your job interview. The very first impression of you
on an interviewer should never be of you being unprofessional. It is essential that you reach
your place of interview 15 minutes prior so that if there’s any paperwork required to be filled out
before the interview you aren’t hurried.

Also in case, you are not familiar with the area of the interview, it is always better to have some
time in hand to find the location. No one likes to wait and especially not your interviewer. The
chances of you being selected after being late lower marginally when you are late.

Mind your body language

There are a few things that we subconsciously do without even paying attention to them when
we are stressed or anxious or even bored. Activities like playing with a pen, chewing gums,
slouching, or even brushing back your hair repeatedly can be distracting, makes you look less
confident and increases your chances of being rejected. If you are familiar with such habits, train your mind to avoid doing them during an interview.

Body language like eye contact, nodding, smiling and solid posture will not only impress your
interviewer but would help you to create a connection with them.

Mannerism is the key

Being polite, and greeting everyone you meet including ones who met you at door or reception
would not cost you a thing but would definitely help you relax and create a positive aura around

The first few seconds of an interview can make or break the flow of how the interview is going to
end up. Greeting your interviewer with a warm smile is a game-changer when it comes to
getting comfortable with them. After the completion of the interview, don’t forget to thank your
interviewer for their time. It would help you create a long-lasting impression on the interviewer.

Do you research

Don’t just get up and go for your interview. That’s never a smart move. Do your thorough
research on the job you have applied for, the company you are going to hopefully work for, and
their core values and goals.

If you get the opportunity don’t even step back from getting information on your interviewer (that
will definitely earn you some brownie points if used in the correct manner).

You can never be over-prepared for your interview. The more you know about your role and
responsibility, the more you would be able to ask insightful questions. It will create an impactful
impression that you are enthusiastic about the job.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you should follow to have a flawless interview and have
a successful career.

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